Supporting Gonzaga’s Educational Mission

As a long-time member of the Board of Trustees at Gonzaga University, John Hemmingson has actively worked to build opportunities for members of the Gonzaga University community for decades. Gonzaga is an anchor of the Inland Northwest, not just in higher education, but as a leader of meaningful change within Spokane and the greater region.

Gonzaga’s mission is not just for students. To foster commitment to the dignity of the human person, including social justice, global engagement, solidarity with the vulnerable, care for the planet, and more is a mission the entire organization is united behind.

The John J. Hemmingson Foundation will continue to support Gonzaga University and give to causes related to Gonzaga’s philanthropic missions.

The John J.
Hemmingson Center

The John J. Hemmingson Center opened in 2015 with John J. Hemmingson as the main benefactor. The 167,726-square-foot building is a meeting place for all students as well as faculty, staff, alumni and the guests of Gonzaga University. Providing dining options, meeting space, lounge, and programming facilities, the Hemmingson Center includes The Bulldog Pub, the Zag Wall for writing messages, 20,000 square foot of meeting space, and much more.

The Jack H. Hemmingson Finance Lab

On April 9, 2015 the School of Business Administration at Gonzaga University held an official dedication ceremony upon the completion of the new Jack H. Hemmingson Finance Lab. This project created a dedicated space for finance students to gain hands on experience learning about markets, finance, and trading through access to various financial market databases and tools.

The John J. Hemmingson Chair for Civil Liberties 

As part of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which Gonzaga launched in 2017 as part of the School of Law, John provided a generous gift to establish the John J. Hemmingson Chair for Civil Liberties.

The Center will provide students and scholars with opportunities to explore and address issues relating to civil rights and civil liberties, social and criminal justice, public interest law, immigration, Native American law, and international human rights. Jason Gillmer is a Professor of Law and the inaugural holder of the John J. Hemmingson Chair in Civil Liberties and is the current Director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Opportunity NorthEast

Opportunity NorthEast is an initiative dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals, youth, and families in Northeast Spokane while providing transformative learning opportunities for the University’s students, faculty and staff. Spotlight on Opportunity NorthEast. Spokane’s Northeast community continues to face significant economic, educational and health challenges. The program has three main focus areas of whole health, educational opportunity, and engaged campus and community. The John J. Hemmingson Foundation is proud to support this cause.

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